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Smartify's Core Features

  • Light weight data capturing mechanism.

    Smartify captures data only when an event occurs in the target container. This ensures Smartify doesn't make use of unnecessary browser execution cycles. Smartify ensures there is no freezing effect in the browser due to its activities. Sites only have to take care their rule validators and and triggers to be light-weight and not performance intensive.

  • Less and constant memory usage.

    Smartify maintains a max-length queue for stats collected based on events. So each new data collected for any event will be pushed into the queue and if the queue is full, the first older data is popped out. This ensures Smartify's memory foot print always remains constant.

  • Extremely secure.

    Users need not worry about security issues like password theft etc as Smartify functions fully on the client side and doesn't send data to any server. Also Smartify will never expose any information on what specific keys are pressed specifically on a container but only exposes the general usage characteristics of the user. For example, Smartify exposes information like how much time did the user take to press a specific key or any key in the container.

  • Ability to add custom rules.

    Sites have access to the smartify data when they register to the events using the library. Sites can write their own validation rules and trigger handlers based on smartify data.

  • Compatible to support new devices in future.

    Smartify's core framework is capable of supporting new devices in future. This will allow Smartify to make sites understand their users using new human computer interaction (HCI) mechanisms like touch etc.